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Full Lyrics for my new track “Grabbin Rain”

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Grabbin Rain

I wanna kill it making money
kids’ inheritance won’t ever end.
That’s “good will” hunting
Even though I’m no Matt Damon.
Got no children yet I’m hoping to be Raymond,
Syndication adds some dollars to the bottom of your statement.
Wanna be Like Mike,
Not Jordan, Mike and Molly.
Oh I’ve never tried that, if you’ve got some would you call me?
Wall-E with the ladies, garbage Pickar, seeking Eve.
The beard is wizard baby, ain’t no tricks up my sleeve.
Words turning you warg, you’re “Lycan”, see
that joke was Game of Thrones, so you know this ain’t Duck Dynasty.
No rivalry, I’m just me.
Though when my Hangover’s in Vegas I’m a fake and that’s just fine with me.

So give it up for Zach G.
Paving the way and now today I gat this.
Woke up from my nap and I have to find where cash is.
Not Clay,
Some day I’ll be grabbin the rain.

[Grabbin Rain]
If it’s so easy
[Grabbin Rain]
Where is my money?

[In the club, grabbin the rain
In the pub, grabbin the rain
Chill with Hef, grabbin the rain
Doin meth, grabbin the rain]

Coming out of nowhere don’t know where to begin.
You want a little drizzle? I’m not Storm from the X-Men.
Whether making it like Grisham, or if I’m the man like Dustin
There’s no metaphor suited for how my dented ass is bustin.
Cuz in poker I’m a joker on the side, and blind to bluffin.
Having me for dinner, I’m no turkey, I’ll be stuffin.
Cute like I’m a puffin.
So real I’m no MacGuffin
Never bite I ain’t McGruff and leave a mark on you like scuffin.
Nothing in my way, I’m slowly clearing a path.
May not be Singin’ in the Rain but I can still Make Em Laugh.
I craft raps on my bad back with a laugh track in mind.
Now get your hands up in the air like there’s some rain in the sky!

[Grabbin rain]
Can’t throw out my cash.
[Grabbin rain]
Got no secret stash
[Grabbin rain]
I just want some gold
[Grabbin rain]
Before I get old.

[Convenience store, grabbin the rain
Jersey shore, grabbin the rain
Takin naps, grabbin the rain
Checkin maps, grabbin the rain.
Bar mitzvah, grabbin the rain
Twister, grabbin the rain
Doin the karate, grabbin the rain
Burying a body, grabbin the rain.]

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